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Adjustable Dumbbells – A Farewell to Flabby Arms

Adjustable dumbbells are ideal for anyone who appreciates great-looking arms. We’re talking hard, sculpted biceps on men, and graceful lean upper arms on women. What would you give to have them on your body?



The best dumbbell workouts are great for the biceps, those two-headed (“bi”) muscles at the front of the upper arm that flex the forearm. It’s such a small muscle—yet it’s the most eye-catching on the body. They are easy to train using most any pulling or curling exercise and it doesn’t take a lot of grueling workouts to see real progress, especially if working out with a dumbbell set that is easy to adjust.

Since free weights offer you the best advantage for building muscles, using easy to adjust dumbbells should be a regular part of your workouts. It is difficult (but not impossible) to isolate most of the stress on a particular muscle. For this reason, a free weights (dumbbell and barbell sets) workout should be used whenever possible.

The advantage of adjusting dumbbells is that you can start out light and add weight as you build muscle. You need to select enough weight that will allow you to better exhaust the muscle, but keep adding weight to your workout to max the muscle. Mix up the workout by varying the weight and number of repetitions, and you’ll keep your body guessing. Give ‘em something they aren’t used to and they’ll build fiber for you, anticipating your next move!

Adjust the dumbbell set from 5 lbs to 25 lbs to work on toning and strengthening. With fast weight changes, these types of adjusting dumbbells provide better workouts to promote increased calorie burn and enhance cardiovascular fitness. And best of all, a set of dumbbells that can be adjusted will replace 9 pair (or 18 fixed dumbbells) that would have a combined weight of 450 lbs. Which would you rather buy and store?

Cheap Weight Benches

If overall physical fitness is your goal, nutrition alone won’t do the job. To truly reap the rewards of a well-balanced, smart diet, exercise needs to be a key component of a fitness plan. Incorporating equipment such as cheap weight benches into a mix of diet, aerobic routines and healthy living can benefit the overall body. Getting started in weight training can be accomplished quite well with cheap weight benches. As long as they are sturdy and comfortable, there’s no need to spend a lot.

Weight Bench

Cheap weight benches can still add quite a bonus to an exercise program. Weight training doesn’t mean a person’s end goal has to be to look like a bodybuilder either. A smart weight training program, involving a good bench for assistance in the endeavor can strengthen muscles without making them huge.

Good muscle health is important to overall physical fitness. A well toned physique adds to self-confidence, self esteem and fitness levels. A smart program can involve a goal of just getting toned and losing weight or it can have a bulking effect on muscles – this is up to the person in training. The benefits of cheap weight benches are many for people of all ages. It’s important to keep muscles in the entire body fit, toned and strong to help support good health. Well-conditioned muscles have more endurance, they’re stronger and they can help a person maintain a leaner body mass, which is a huge bonus for a person’s health.

In addition to the above benefits, a good training program involving cheap weight benches can help stave off osteoporosis and it can also help develop coordination and balance while preventing injuries to weak muscles.

The benefits of incorporating cheap weight benches into a training program are many. A smaller bench with compact weights is easier to transport and enables a user to keep a training program going even if they take a trip away from home. Considering the benefits of training, it’s a good idea to add a bench and weights to an overall fitness program. Besides, lifting is fun and challenging if it’s managed correctly with health and proper form in mind.

If You Lift Dumbbells, You Need a Dumbbell Rack System

A dumbbell rack system keeps all your weights organized and ready to use. Weight training with dumbbells means that you will use several different weights and rather than having them clutter the floor space of your home gym, a rack system keeps the dumbbells all in one place, out of the way and stored according to size.

The trays on a rack system for dumbbells are angled allowing you to arrange the dumbbell sets in size from smallest to largest. This way when you start your weight training routine, you always know where each size weight is on the rack. The rack is a compact design that won’t take up a lot of space in whatever part of the house you like to set up your home gym.

You don’t necessarily have to buy the rack with the dumbbells. Typical storage racks are about three feet in width and consist of two tiers of trays. If you have been accumulating weights over a period of time as you get more into weight lifting, you can purchase the rack separately. However, if you want to buy all the dumbbells at the same time, a storage system is the best option because you get everything for strength training in one package.

Typical storage systems contain a variety of different weights from 5 to 40 pounds. The rack itself has a coated powder finish to make it really durable and it will hold a number of sets. As you start to develop your strength training routine you will learn which dumbbells are best for which muscles. With the equipment stored neatly on racks, the weight you want is always within easy reach.

You can get a smaller or larger rack system for your dumbbells depending on the type of weight training you do and the space you have available in your home gym. For example, a storage system for aerobic dumbbells would be small, but you can get a 10 foot rack if you are seriously into strength training. This type of storage system carries a lifetime warranty and is constructed of commercial grade steel tubing.

Effective Weight Lifting Techniques

The key to strength training is resistance. You must exert a certain amount of your own weight to perform exercises that build your strength. Since the quality of your workout will determine your results, you should use weight lifting techniques and equipment that will help you to achieve maximum benefits. The focus of your training program should be to increase the amount of resistance, the only way that you can train your muscles to become stronger. The weightlifting equipment that can help you achieve this goal includes free weights and machines.

Weight Lifting Technique

Free weights equipment includes adjustable dumbbells as well as barbells. When you lift free weights you know exactly which muscles you are working. When you want to strengthen your biceps you perform curls by lifting a specific amount of weight. A technique that is very popular with free weights is to increase the amount of weight you lift in increments within one workout session. This is an effective technique because it continues to stretch and stress your muscles. As your muscles become stressed, they grow to be able to handle the stress. Continuing this process is the fastest way to achieve muscles mass. If your goals are toning your muscles, the same techniques work, you’ll just need to use lighter weights and perform fewer repetitions.

While some people favor focusing on a different muscle each day, some people prefer weightlifting that involves using all the major muscle groups. Weight lifting for the benefit of working all major muscles groups at once is best performed using machines. With such equipment you don’t have to provide as much resistance as you would when you lift free weights. This doesn’t mean that you won’t achieve the same results with these techniques, but there will be less of a strain on you to perform the exercises.

No matter which weightlifting technique you use, make sure you choose lifting equipment that is safe and that will provide you the results you desire.


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